How To Throw A Kid’s ‘Fiver’ Party

How To Throw A Kid’s ‘Fiver’ Party

Kid’s birthday parties can be a lot of fun, and there’s enough playtime for the little ones to tire themselves out, as well as entertainment to keep them entertained, and it’s a good time to bond with other parents.

However, there are some stresses for anyone organising a party, from ensuring you get party food that everyone likes to make sure that the petting zoo doesn’t bite the little guests. But when it comes to gift-giving, there are a lot of unwritten rules that can create unwanted stress.

Some parents prefer to give handmade gifts, while others like to buy popular toys, while some may want to contribute cash. However, a new trending theme for kid’s parties is ‘the fiver’, which takes the guesswork out of gift-giving.

Instead, go spending £20 on a toy that will be forgotten about in a few weeks, the party host asks for £5. The money is then pooled together and put towards a bigger, more significant gift instead of many smaller, less meaningful presents.

It’s a simple idea, and hosting a fiver party is similar to throwing a traditional birthday party. Here’s how:

1. Don't do it alone

May parents will plan everything for their kids’ parties on their own, writing a list of tasks they need to do. But on the day itself, parents can stress over details for fear that something could go wrong.

When planning a fiver party, delegate tasks and responsibilities during the planning process, and having a couple of helpers on the day will help cut down on the amount of cleaning afterwards.

2. Create a distraction-free environment

If you’ve booked entertainment for your children, then it is a good idea to hide all toys and snacks beforehand to ensure the children can sit for longer and focus on the planned activities.

3. Remember that hand painting is better for toddlers

Face painting is a popular birthday party activity, but younger children, under 4-years-old, for instance, don’t like to sit still for that long, leading to fidgeting, and even crying, inevitably leading to the tiger face paint becoming a bit of a mess. Why not try hand painting for the younger children.

4. Always keep them busy

Fill your fiver party with activities so that the kids will always have something to do. Maybe this sounds a bit difficult, but you don't necessarily need to book 10 shows for one party. Simply prepare a few easy games (like a treasure hunt, musical chairs and sack race) for them to play beforehand. Keeping the children occupied will make your fiver party fun and memorable.

5. Less is more

A shortlist of guests will keep your little one from feeling overwhelmed by the attention. For toddlers, a party that lasts about an hour and a half is perfect. If they're a bit older, add another hour. Just remember children don't need much to feel happy and loved.

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